International foundation for ECOLOGY, protecting environment and respecting human rights. Join us like a volunteer. Never mind, if You are a judge or a student. Anyway, we need Your help. There is never too late, to save the beauty of nature or to help to somebody.


  • proclamation of ECOLOGY and sporty, ACTIVE WAY OF LIFE;
  • preservation of the status quo of unique natural resources;
  • protection of the natural ENVIRONMENT;
  • promotion of literature representing the stream of humanism and ecology;
  • performing scientific RESEARCH in sphere of accordance with respecting the principles of human dignity and equality, and also collecting the materials, documents and evidences, and archiving them;
  • raising public awareness about equality;
  • protecting HUMAN RIGHTS and promotion of tolerance;
  • activities for acceptance for diversity, personality and individuality;
  • actions to uphold rights for free choosing of belief, form of religion cult, confession, profession, place of work, place of residence, partner, hobby and the independent way of life;
  • fighting against modern slavery, especially defending rights to receive the salary from rich employer, who uses the economic, juridical and social predominance against poor worker;
  • rescue every single human being, getting him a chance to stay alive;
  • representation of repressed persons in legal institutions;
  • actions against the defamation of Jews by fascists;
  • retrieving the wealth cofiscated by Nazi in Poland and heirless property;
  • managing the real estates for improving social condition by upgrading accommodation;
  • resumption the financial resources for the real estates lost or confiscated in Poland;
  • claims for compensation, satisfaction, recovering lost income, etc.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Unfortunately it is not always respected. This situation often is caused by hatred, and powered by local, national tradition full of hate and violence. We would like to change it.

To be honest, transparency, and to perform the politic of "the clear aim", we can publish our basic documents, to show who we are, and what we do for people, and for restitution the mankind:

We do everything for protecting repressed, defiled and injured people. Extending a hand to the oppressed, especially for You: Abraham Rosenberg & Sarah Rabinovitch.

You can reach us at the addresses below:

comercial building
Fundacja THEMIS
ul. Cyfrowa 6
71-441 Szczecin


KRS 0000777805.
Regon 382942281
NIP PL 851-323-60-54

Bank account: PL.
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government building
קרן תמס
דרך מנחם בגין 125,
תל אביב יפו

Tel. +97 233 741 093
all calls are being registered


We process personal data on basis European Community Parliament Act No. 2016/679 from 27th of April 2016 in matter of protecting civil persons, and on basis of Polish law called RODO. Every single information, registered by us, are being used only for performing activities relative to The Statute of Foundation, respecting rights of victims to stay incognito for the public. Otherwise Foundation cannot successful protect and defence human rights. Read more about Polish law called RODO.

demonstration against Jews in Poland
demonstration in Poland against Jews

You can hear an official and legal information in Poland that Jews are very dangerous, because they cheat, steal, robe money and prepare the plan how to hurt every single Polish familiy. This case concerns the federal safety and the protection of Polish children against dangerous Jews. This is also necessary to defend Poland even by confiscating Jewish property, Jewish private cash. There is no other way like rejection Jewish claims and NOT RESPECTING JEWISH RIGHTS by REFUSING TO PAY ANYTHING, impounding Jewish real estates in Poland, etc. These and much more agressive words directed against Jews, You can hear at:

Jews want to robe Your money!
04 April 2019 - conference against Jews

Jews want to robe Your money!
19 April 2019 - an oficial warning in Polish media:
"Jews prepare to robe your money and cheat you!"
presenter - famous Polish author and publisher

The yellow information behind his back says that "Jews want to robe our money by fishng, crimes and fraud."

Jews want to robe Your money!
announcement - come for demonstration against Jewish rights -
Warsaw 11 May 2019, 11:00 Hour